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The Times They Aren’t A-Changin’.” THEY’VE CHANGED

“The Times They Aren’t A-Changin’.” THEY’VE CHANGED. Old tricks won’t work in a world with a nine-second attention span. Our newly data-driven world demands Actionable and Real-world tactics for customer engagement, client acquisition, and retention marketing. Our consumer marketing solution help you to keep your business alive.

Whatever Marketing strategy you determine is best for your company, the most important thing is to have high quality, unbiased third-party-verified information, and support. LPI Media can help you quickly cut through the maze. No more unicorns-and-rainbows superstition… .just real data.

CPL Marketing

CPL marketing is a highly effective form of digital marketing that is an excellent fit for nearly any business. Essentially, an advertiser will pay a fee to find each consumer who is interested in their services—or, in other words, clicks on their ad. This marketing tactic is great for many reasons. First of all, you only pay for the amount of people who click on your ad. If your ad does not do as well as you had hoped, it won’t be a fiscal burden for you whatsoever.

Secondly, the dynamism of webpages today provides plenty of opportunities for CPL marketing in nearly every nook and cranny. We will ensure that your CPL marketing campaign receives visibility—and visibility to the customers you want to target. Our deep expertise with CPL marketing will help you achieve your marketing goals. CPL marketing one of the major part of our consumer marketing solution.

Display Banners (Mobile or Internet)

Display banners are an integral part of the Internet. We see them everywhere we click, but how many of those banners are compelling enough for us to click on? That’s where we come in. Our highly trained team of graphic designers and marketers will help you craft a custom display banner targeted to reach your ideal customers. Our consumer marketing solution include display banners services fee for free, we only charges for advertising.

We can also help you optimize your display banner for mobile display, so that you will be able to reach as many potential customers as possible. Whether it’s working with you on the colors of your logo, the copy in your advertisement, or what products / services to highlight, we have the expertise to guide you throughout the entire process.

Mobile Click to Call

One unique way is the use of Mobile Click to Call. It’s been found to increase productivity up to 130%. When it comes to outbound dialing, the human element is always the slowest link in the chain. Improve your outbound dialing productivity. More calls made; achieve more sales in less time.

Mobile Search Calls

Another option is Mobile Search Calls. A 2015 Call Intelligence Index report from Invoca found Mobile Search Calls to have 30 To 50 Percent Conversion Rates, with most coming from Mobile. The data indicated that 75 percent of calls to businesses come from smartphones.

Co-Reg Long & Short Forms (TCPA Compliant)

Starting a new company, but not sure how to begin the registration process? We are here to help you. Whether you are tackling a long or short registration form, we have the expertise and experience to register your company properly and legally.

All of our registration processes are TCPA compliant, meaning that they adhere to all tenets of the law. This is something that other companies do not keep in mind—they simply want to do things the quick and easy way rather than the proper way. We do not operate this way, however!

Call Verified leads by US call Center

Though today’s world is digitally-centered, calling is still a key element of the business world. Calling fosters a human connection with others that simply cannot be matched by e-mail or texting. Our firm has a call center based in the U.S., which offers convenience and peace of mind to our clients.

As our call center is based in the U.S., your clients will feel more comfortable receiving calls from a U.S.-based number. This will lead to a more trusting working relationship between you and your client. Our experience with leads will enable you to close deals as efficiently as possible.

The LPI Media system is the perfect way to communicate marketing needs with your customers. Whether you want to do broad based advertising or run targeted marketing campaigns on your self-service channel, our solutions can help.

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